An update of sorts

I’ve not been writing.

Well, that’s pretty clear due to my lack of output.

Not that you really care since the only people who come to my site are spam bots, but it’s because I’ve had to reorganise things in, to me, a profound way.

I’ve been doing a university course part time to study something that I’ve always wanted to study. One of the side effects is that it’s made me rethink how I write, my style, characters etc. My characters are almost always quite two dimensional and bland. I think I’m more of a setting person than a character person and therein lies a problem.

Everything is shelved right now. I have shelved my novel Legba. I was having difficulty with that anyway. Again, characters were the problem.

I’m doing a rethink, a reorganise and working through some proper ideas. I’ve given up on keeping a schedule. Although undiagnosed ADHD explains why this has been a problem. Oh yeah, another big revelation in the last year is that I’ve probably got ADHD. I’m still waiting for an official diagnosis, but the NHS can only work so fast and I’m not high on the priority scale.

I will occasionally write stuff and throw it out into the void to see what’s there. I will also tidy up the site a bit as that’s definitely needed.

So yeah, that’s it.

Well at least the spam bots have something different to post to now.

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You know what day it is

Today is new story day.

This one was not a prompt from the Jar O’ Prompts but from a dream and I just needed to get it down. The title doesn’t really match the story either, but it was the best I could do that day.

I hope that you enjoy the story Grey Soil.  

New Years Post

I’m a week late, sorry.

The last few weeks rounding out the end of the year have been physically toughter than I thought. Had a minor surgey, then a Covid booster plus Christmas left me on my ass. It happens I suppose but anyway it’s a new story day.

I’m finally out of my prewritten stories so the next year is going to see some shoddy stories, half finished thoughts and hopefully somethin you would like to read too. The new story is here. Please enjoy.

Also as a final thought, Happy New Year wherever and whatever you’re doing.

Finally a new story

Please see my newest shorty story, 21st Century Farming.

This is part of a project where I have a jar filled with writing prompts which have come from a variety of places. Some stories will be good, others not so much but it’s a challenge.

I have a couple of stories in hand so hopefully if I get stuck behind then the rhythm won’t be too disrupted.

I hope that you enjoy.

Lack of Anything

I had hoped to be finished a short story this week, but it was not to be the case.

Annoying yes, considering that I’ve had the broad strokes in my head for over a year. This and one other story are the two that I’m working on in my head without really writing them down. Putting words to paper means committing to the story and that’s more difficult that I had supposed.

What I’m finding difficult is lack of inspiration for anything new. Normally I would be interacting with various people all the time. Now I’m in my lockdown bubble and finding it hard to be inspired. I really really don’t want to be writing anything about lockdown. There’s going to be a flood of that soon enough anyway.

Suppose I’ve got to take what my brain throws up and see what sticks.

This has been my Sunday, moan about writing that’s not really about writing, also that this time writing this post could have been used in writing more of my stories etc.  

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