Trying to think about what to write this week. I’ve started thinking about work and how important it is to one’s persona.

Growing up anyone who worked in an office wasn’t doing ‘real work’. There was a pride in doing back breaking labour and only doing such. The older generations would say that the youth didn’t know about doing a hard day’s work.

Honestly you tell a surgeon that they’re not doing real work and they’ll laugh at you. The same goes for anyone who has worked in a call centre. The concept of emotional labour was never taken into account. At least where I was growing up. It was all about what your end result was at ten end of the day.

The thing is I have a lot of respect for people who do manual work. I detest people who think less of a person because they are only a cleaner, barman, fruit picker, builder etc.

I think people should work if they can. People need to do something with their time. Now work can be creating art, pushing papers or saving lives. We all should be doing something. Its part of the contract we have for being part of society.

People who can’t work yep no issue with that, it happens and there’s always going to be people who can’t work but if you’re fit and able maybe think about it.

Then of course we have the issue of available work. Sometimes it’s just not there. Does that mean we should rely on the government or should we look towards private companies? Really I’ve got no answer there but it’s a question.

What we do for a living has a significant impact on who we are. What we don’t do for a living also has a similar impact.

There’s no simple answer and its complex. Just like people.

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