Spirit of creativity where did you go?

I’ve been sitting here trying to be creative and it’s just not happening. I know that all writers say you should write no matter what. You should put words down on a page. One word after another.

That’s the problem though isn’t it? When the creative juices aren’t flowing. What do you do?

Normally I’d open a bottle of wine but I’m trying to cut down drinking and to be honest I think that would be a very dark road to go down.

What to do?

I need to write more however I’ve not been having a great time. Probably that’s why the creativity spirit has escaped me.

Bloody hell, even writing this much has taken over an hour. What the hell?

Maybe a holiday is needed. Maybe more reading, more getting out of my routine.

No idea what I need but hopefully something will shift soon and help me to get mt mojo back.

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