Lack of Anything

I had hoped to be finished a short story this week, but it was not to be the case.

Annoying yes, considering that I’ve had the broad strokes in my head for over a year. This and one other story are the two that I’m working on in my head without really writing them down. Putting words to paper means committing to the story and that’s more difficult that I had supposed.

What I’m finding difficult is lack of inspiration for anything new. Normally I would be interacting with various people all the time. Now I’m in my lockdown bubble and finding it hard to be inspired. I really really don’t want to be writing anything about lockdown. There’s going to be a flood of that soon enough anyway.

Suppose I’ve got to take what my brain throws up and see what sticks.

This has been my Sunday, moan about writing that’s not really about writing, also that this time writing this post could have been used in writing more of my stories etc.  

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