You know what day it is

Today is new story day.

This one was not a prompt from the Jar O’ Prompts but from a dream and I just needed to get it down. The title doesn’t really match the story either, but it was the best I could do that day.

I hope that you enjoy the story Grey Soil.  

New Years Post

I’m a week late, sorry.

The last few weeks rounding out the end of the year have been physically toughter than I thought. Had a minor surgey, then a Covid booster plus Christmas left me on my ass. It happens I suppose but anyway it’s a new story day.

I’m finally out of my prewritten stories so the next year is going to see some shoddy stories, half finished thoughts and hopefully somethin you would like to read too. The new story is here. Please enjoy.

Also as a final thought, Happy New Year wherever and whatever you’re doing.

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