The sky opened and showed everyone what was beyond. We saw we were not alone, and the traveller passed by. In it’s wake there was catastrophic destruction, waves, earthquakes and everything that these things bring.


In the months after we had famine and disease. The worst part was the madness. Knowing that we were not alone. It drove many insane.


Religions started and they praised the traveller for wiping the world clean. Many thought they were the ones left behind to suffer in the hellish land.


It took us years to rebuild but we did. It’s the one thing that we do and do well. Some of the younger ones don’t even believe in what happened really. It was just a way for us to explain the natural disaster.


Many of the scientists recovered data from what happened. It took years but they managed to start Project Legba. An interstellar space communication system to talk with the traveller and find out what it was doing and why it even came to earth.


It took us years, we had to rethink physics, chemistry and even some aspects of biology but we got there.


The day came and we launched Legba into the atmosphere. We opened the sky again and we peered through to see what was there.


Many like the traveller were just behind the gateway. We tried to talk to them, but it was like a gnat trying to talk with a mountain. There as no easy way to communicate no way for them to perceive us really and no reason for them to care.


There was silence across the world and that silence was deafening.

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