Steel Vacation

I walk up the gravel path to the house. It’s sunny but the breeze from the see makes it cool. My feet will crunch all the way up to the house and there I will wipe them before entering the house.

The house will be spartan. It’s a holiday let after all. I will open my suitcase and put away the few things in there. Then I will sit outside in the sunshine until dusk. After sunset I will light a small fire in the hearth and read one of the many books in the house.

I do not need sleep but I will lie in the bed until the next morning. I do not need food but I will sit in the kitchen for a time anyway. It is how it should be when on holiday.

I will explore the rest of the house and it’s garden. I will find the path down to the beach below. I will walk to the sea edge at low tide. I will look out at its vastness and contemplate. The water will rise, and I shall be enveloped. It will be cold, it will be dark. A fish or two will swim by. It will make me happy. The sea will return to its previous level and I will walk back to the house. A shower will be required, it will be warm.

When I have exited the shower, I will notice the sand water and seaweed I brought back in from my time in the open water. I will clean it. It will make me happy. I will shower again to ensure no more detritus is attached to me.

Again it will be dusk and another fire is lit. It will be warm. I will stay reading for the rest of the night. So many books here to read. When the sun comes up I will walk around outside the house and explore. I will sit on some outside furniture and watch the birds fly high above the cliffs. There are always birds near the shore. I will watch people walk their dog along the beach below me. I will contemplate the butterfly landing on a flower in the small garden of the house.

When the sun sets, I will sit and look at the stars in the clear sky. They will be beautiful. As there are no lights nearby, I will be able to see into almost infinity. Then there will be a dawn. My final day at the house.

I will shower. This will remove the cold from my body. I will ensure that the property is tidy and clean. In the evening another fire and more reading. I do not get to read very often anymore. Too many things to do. Again, I shall “rest” on the bed.

In the morning I will pack everything away in my suitcase and depart the house. I will leave the key in a false rock by the door. Then I shall depart.

For now, I continue up the path hearing the gravel crunch beneath me.

<i> Author note</I> The prompt for this story is “Robot goes on Holiday”

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