Art History?

I have not been writing much lately and what I have been working on has been mostly my novel.

To be honest I don’t think it’s appropriate to write or publish stuff that’s weird or horror. I have been trying to write something more, upbeat, cheerful and honestly …nope that’s not the type of writer I am. It seems I like the f**ked up stuff. However, what’s happening now in the world means it’s inappropriate at the moment.

That’s the thing. I honestly reckon there are a number or artists, writers, musicians and other creative types out there creating “pandemic” works. Meaning that they are somehow embracing the culture of the pandemic or just exploring what it’s doing to them. This group is different from the other which is the group of “taking our minds off the pandemic”

No matter what is produced at this point in time, history will only view current art through the lens of the Pandemic. It’s sad to think and it’s irritating. The smallest thing is thing one writes about or creates in the next ten years will only be seen as the work of the survivors or the guilty.

It puts me in mind of an old meme

“The curtains were blue.”

What your teacher thinks: “The curtains represent his immense depression and his lack of will to carry on.”

What the author meant: “The curtains were ****ing blue.”

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