Wine again?!

I do like wine. It’s easy to drink and it’s socially acceptable too. I’ve had about four large glasses of an inexpensive red. It was the taste of a cheap night.

Lately anxiety hasn’t been bad. Which is great, even though it’s a Sunday so normally it’s through the roof at this stage of the week.

I’ve been writing but not the type of output that I would like. I wish I could write for a living. No seriously. I don’t have much talent but I really would like to do this for a living.

Back to wine. I drink a few liquids. Gin, Whisky, Port, Coffee and occasionally water. Of course also wine. A dry white, a rich red or a fruity fizz. These are the things that……well to be frank i need to quit.

Drinking is great and acceptable in today’s culture but it’s not great for my mental health. It’s also not great for my creative output.

You’ll probably seeing few rather depressing posts in the next few weeks as I try to remove all this stuff and get over any type of psychological or physiological dependence.

Well…..this is going to be fun.

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