Some things about Seb

So what the hell is this all about?

Well some of the basics to help here first. My name is Seb, I am a caffeine based life form from Dublin, Ireland who found themselves living in Scotland with their partner and two creatures of darkness, also known as cats.

The other thing is that I’m what I’d call a Hack Writer. No it’s nothing to do with hacking on the computer more hacking at words and making them fit a reasonable shape.

I take commissions, be it you need editing, writing copy or other something else.

Of course I don’t work for that “exposure” or “experience” I have expenses that need to be covered. Granted they are caffeine and cat based expenses but they are costs nonetheless.

How’s all this going to work and what the hell is the point of even reading this far?

While I have done lots of writing, editing and other things in the past, I have never had anything published.

This website has a couple of reasons for existing. Mainly that I’ll be using this place as a way to showcase my work. Also to blog, because being almost a decade behind the times is retro now instead of utterly uncool.

You can contact me through the comments section. You can also e-mail me at:

The website will be getting a lot of updates, I am updating logos, images and other important things.

Watch this space as I fill out more information and provide you with some terrible blog entries and some mediocre short stories.


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