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It’s festival time here in Edinburgh and surrounding parts. That means that a few million people descend on the historical town to see and experience the delights of comedy, dance, music, theater, film, books and anything else that you can think of.

There’s a lot of benefits to the Edinburgh Festival aka the Fringe, aka oh F**k its august       already. Mostly its financial. The tourists normally bring in a lot of money to the city, after all there’s a few million people descend onto a town filled with pubs, restaurants, and hotels. It would be difficult not to make money out of something like that.

It also puts Edinburgh at center stage for culture and what people think of when they think of a festival.

However, most of the time the Council and authorities tend to forget about the residents and those of us who financially help the city for the other eleven months of the year.

The city heaves with people and an infrastructure that simply cannot cope with the amount of visitors with so many people who don’t understand how the city works.

So, here’s some top tips for tourists visiting Edinburgh for the Fringe.

  1. Rubbish – if you have rubbish put it in the bin. If the bin is overflowing don’t leave it beside the bin so that the gulls can eat it. Instead put it in your pocket and take it back to your accommodation.
  2. Transport – public transport is not there to provide directions for you. They are not tourist information points. In fact, there are tourist information points throughout the town so maybe rock up to them instead and they will be happy to advise.
  3. The Locals – this relates to tip two. Most places you visit are working towns and cities. The locals have places to be and work to do. They’re probably not totally enjoying the fantastic sights and sounds. More likely they’re trying to make it to their jobs, thinking about dinner or something else that would be considered mundane. So, try to avoid traveling during rush hour and don’t clog up the footpaths. After-all you probably have all the time in the world but if somebody misses their bus home it could be an hour before the next one.

So yeah, I think what I’m trying to get to here is be considerate when you travel and think about where you are and how you impact the place you’re visiting. Enjoy your travels but don’t be a jerk.


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