Thoughts on Movies

Today I’m kicking back. I was going to write something about how middle class it is having Christmas Fizz delivered to the door. Then I sat down put on Netflix to find a nice horror film to start the day.

I should add the caveat that I’m not the bah humbug type with not wanting to watch a Christmas movie. It was more that I just happen be in the mood for a bit of a horror flick.

Personally I much rather psychological horror than anything else.

The problem is that the current trench of movies seem to be falling into a number of camps away from a good film making.

– Knockoffs of successful franchises.

– Gore/bloody/body horror

– Hand held camera

All three of these are mostly dull and cheap. Mostly they are cheap to make and dull to watch.

I appreciate that some movies are so bad they’re great. Look at the Evil Dead, that’s a classic franchise.

Maybe I’m just tired of the same tropes being trotted out all the time. The joke of a hack calling anyone else a hack is of course not lost of me.

It would be nice to see to changes, get away from hack and slash steady cam remakes of a movie from the the 70’s and lets get on to something new, different and terrifying!

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