Remain and Resolve

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. They’re not practical for one. You make fantastic vows about eleven months too late to stop yourself from feeling shitty.

Exercise, eat well, stop smoking, cut down on the booze and coffee. It’s not any kind of rocket science. That’s why I never make those kind of resolutions. It’s pointless.

Recently I was introduced to the idea of “Remain in your Cell”.

I’d never heard it before. I also can’t find the attribution. If you can find it please send it to me.

Anyway, it’s a concept about monastic life. Back when being a monk was a valid job option, they would join an order, then move to another to get a better feeling for god. Of course you don’t get enlightenment there either so you move to another then another.

The concept of remaining in your cell is about standing still, not flitting from concept to concept seeking to commune with divinity. Being at peace in one place and following one way.

One thing about hanging around in the more alternative religion side of things is that this, flitting, is something you see all the time. I’ve even been guilty of doing this too. Christian to Pagan to occultist via a dab of Zen and Shinto.

I’ve been flitting between philosophical concepts and magical systems for years. Never have I ever mastered a single one. In fact lately I’ve been hitting wall and tend to fall back on the old favourites but that I’m not progressing at all.

This coming year is the year for focus and to ease into a groove, to sit still and “remain in my cell”.

After-all how can the gods find you if you keep moving around.

Happy Solstice

Today is the Solstice and I have been waiting for it for such a long time.

I’ve always loved when the evenings get dark but honestly I think that’s novelty more than anything. Long summer days are also painful, although painful in a different way.

Long evenings get too long. The weather is too cold. The misery becomes too much.

The light will be coming back though, the warmth of the sun. The necessary vitamin D.

Also it’s another year turned and that’s not a bad thing either. Time is something I used to almost fear but honestly now it’s something that needs to be embraced and spent wisely.

I hope that whoever you are, wherever you are that this new year, this new Sun brings with it warmth, light, compassion and love. That if your end is soon it comes with peace and if you’re just beginning you become your destiny.

Happy Solstice to you all.

So yeah

This has been something that has been working around in my mind for some time. I am a Pagan. In many ways I consider myself to be a practicing occultist. I’m not saying this to cause any intense or weird feelings from anyone.

In fairness I have so few followers that this won’t have any kind of impact.

Also I’m not looking for attention and thinking that this is cool so I’ll say that. It’s part of me and what I do.

One thing that I find interesting is because of my faith and faith practice; it seems that people assume that I’m an idiot. That for some reason i believe in every single quack and nut job that happens on the fringe.

Actually nope. I am a skeptical believer. I’ve never experienced something “weird” actually that’s a lie but still nothing too weird.

Bobby Jo getting ‘ducted by aliens or Mrs Forteskew being haunted by General Fosterkew her great great grandfather. Both are examples of things that are out there but in fairness, those people believe that something happened. Do I? I believe that they believed?

Do I think that something supernatural is going on? Actually, probably not either. In the majority of the cases there’s a natural, material reason behind almost all of these experiences.

I say experiences as it’s an experiential issue. Normally lacking in physical evidence but to the person who “know what they saw” and I bet they will believe that until the end of the days.

Honestly though there’s a sliver of weird stuff that’s happened where I’d like to know about. I’d like to understand what’s going on and why.

I would like to think that honestly aside from my spiritual belief’s I’m a rational human being, I live on planet earth and I think the scientific approach of measure ability and repeat-ability should be applied to all phenomenon, yes even the really weird unexplained stuff.

Surprise Halloween Post

It’s Samhain or Halloween.

My favorite time of year to be sure. The only time of year where its socially acceptable to dress up and take sweets off strangers. Also the spiritual element of change, rebirth and magic. The atmosphere, particularly in Edinburgh, is quite charged and it’s hard not to enjoy this old and new festival.

Tonight I shall leave you with a poem by Rudyard Kipling. I’ve taken it from here:

The Moon of Other Days

BENEATH the deep veranda’s shade,
When bats begin to fly,
I sit me down and watch—alas!—
 Another evening die.
Blood-red behind the sere ferash
 She rises through the haze.
Sainted Diana! can that be
The Moon of Other Days? 

Ah! shade of little Kitty Smith,
 Sweet Saint of Kensington!
Say, was it ever thus at Home
The Moon of August shone,
When arm in arm we wandered long
 Through Putney’s evening haze,
And Hammersmith was Heaven beneath
The moon of Other Days? 

But Wandle’s stream is Sutlej now,
And Putney’s evening haze
The dust that half a hundered kine
 Before my window raise.
Unkempt, unclean, athwart the mist
 The seething city looms,
In place of Putney’s golden gorse
 The sickly babul blooms. 

Glare down, old Hecate, through the dust,
And bid the pie-dog yell,
Draw from the drain its typhoid-term,
 From each bazaar its smell;
Yea, suck the fever from the tank
 And sap my strength therewith:
Thank Heaven, you show a smiling face
 To little Kitty Smith! 

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