Remain and Resolve

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. They’re not practical for one. You make fantastic vows about eleven months too late to stop yourself from feeling shitty.

Exercise, eat well, stop smoking, cut down on the booze and coffee. It’s not any kind of rocket science. That’s why I never make those kind of resolutions. It’s pointless.

Recently I was introduced to the idea of “Remain in your Cell”.

I’d never heard it before. I also can’t find the attribution. If you can find it please send it to me.

Anyway, it’s a concept about monastic life. Back when being a monk was a valid job option, they would join an order, then move to another to get a better feeling for god. Of course you don’t get enlightenment there either so you move to another then another.

The concept of remaining in your cell is about standing still, not flitting from concept to concept seeking to commune with divinity. Being at peace in one place and following one way.

One thing about hanging around in the more alternative religion side of things is that this, flitting, is something you see all the time. I’ve even been guilty of doing this too. Christian to Pagan to occultist via a dab of Zen and Shinto.

I’ve been flitting between philosophical concepts and magical systems for years. Never have I ever mastered a single one. In fact lately I’ve been hitting wall and tend to fall back on the old favourites but that I’m not progressing at all.

This coming year is the year for focus and to ease into a groove, to sit still and “remain in my cell”.

After-all how can the gods find you if you keep moving around.

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