Silvery Day

Today is a silvery day. Well its still early after all . The sun is rising and it’s only a few more days to the Solstice. Honestly I can’t bloody wait. I have no idea if its Brexit, the weather or something else but this year feels like its been exceptional is it’s darkness.

It’s distressing and depressing. I know that I’ve been overeating, drinking too much and having energy, well feck that.

The lack of exercise has caused numerous other problems like the recurrence of my back pain, *yay* a lack in creativity *yay* and of course an increase in my anxiety *yay*

When I get like this I can really understand why our ancestors danced and feasted and asked the sun rather nicely to come back. I can also understand why people literally hibernated to conserve energy plus it’s too dark most of the time to do anything.

I have one more story that I’m waiting to edit and post which will probably next week. I still need to get some new ideas to start writing up. See above earlier line about creativity.

Really no point to the post. I should probably get onto Facebook but can’t stand the platform. Maybe I should start to “do” social media but I feel shitty enough as it is right now.

I will need to work on some other things over Christmas and start working on a better business plan other than hope. Hope is great but its not going to pay the bills.

Anyway if you read this please free to comment or drop me a line and I am sure I’ll be seeing you soon.

*all yay’s are sarcasm and should be read ad Boo

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