Inspiration Articulation

Inspiration is a funny thing that can hit at the strangest time or place. For me it’s either in the shower. I’ve never understood that, but I think it’s mostly because that’s where I really can relax. The other place is on the bus home from work. Never going to work always on the way home.

What’s interesting to me is that the type of inspiration that hits. In the shower it’s always something that I’m working on and a solution will come to me there. Like the background processor has been working on it for a while and finally hot water plus soap equals inspiration.

the bus trips are more where I get new ideas. These are not fully formed yet but start me thinking down a track of stuff that will later develop into an idea.  Probably because I’m tired after being in the office all day. I have no option but to sit and wait while listening to a podcast and gazing out the window.

Where does inspiration strike you and how?

How do you get the ideas flowing? What do you want to be inspired to do?

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