You know what day it is

Today is new story day.

This one was not a prompt from the Jar O’ Prompts but from a dream and I just needed to get it down. The title doesn’t really match the story either, but it was the best I could do that day.

I hope that you enjoy the story Grey Soil.  

Finally a new story

Please see my newest shorty story, 21st Century Farming.

This is part of a project where I have a jar filled with writing prompts which have come from a variety of places. Some stories will be good, others not so much but it’s a challenge.

I have a couple of stories in hand so hopefully if I get stuck behind then the rhythm won’t be too disrupted.

I hope that you enjoy.

New Story Day

Today’s story is an interview with an occultist about some of the problems that reasonable people might encounter if they decided to work in that field. I thought it was a bit funny and a bit cynical. Enjoy and please provide feedback. It’s always welcome.

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