Drunk Blogging!!

Hello there you sexy bitch. You beautiful wonder thing, you amazing…..glass of wine.

Yes drinking on a Monday. It is Monday right?

I really hope so.

I have a huge soft spot for good wine. I grew up in a family that thought anything over five quid was an expensive wine. I think wine should be cost efficient but also nice. The cheap stuff really is just gut rot. I mean other than getting smashed what’s the point.

Disposable income isn’t amazing at the moment, however some days you just need a drink.

Today is one of those days for sure.

I hate dealing with anxiety. It crept up really slowly today and smacked me over the head about about 2pm. Almost having a panic attack for no reason at my desk and then coming home in a grouch to a grouch.

December sucks. Bring back the light! Stope trying to sell me things I don’t need.

On the plus side, wine and special offers on said tasty drinks.

Can’t be all that bad I suppose.

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