So yeah

This has been something that has been working around in my mind for some time. I am a Pagan. In many ways I consider myself to be a practicing occultist. I’m not saying this to cause any intense or weird feelings from anyone.

In fairness I have so few followers that this won’t have any kind of impact.

Also I’m not looking for attention and thinking that this is cool so I’ll say that. It’s part of me and what I do.

One thing that I find interesting is because of my faith and faith practice; it seems that people assume that I’m an idiot. That for some reason i believe in every single quack and nut job that happens on the fringe.

Actually nope. I am a skeptical believer. I’ve never experienced something “weird” actually that’s a lie but still nothing too weird.

Bobby Jo getting ‘ducted by aliens or Mrs Forteskew being haunted by General Fosterkew her great great grandfather. Both are examples of things that are out there but in fairness, those people believe that something happened. Do I? I believe that they believed?

Do I think that something supernatural is going on? Actually, probably not either. In the majority of the cases there’s a natural, material reason behind almost all of these experiences.

I say experiences as it’s an experiential issue. Normally lacking in physical evidence but to the person who “know what they saw” and I bet they will believe that until the end of the days.

Honestly though there’s a sliver of weird stuff that’s happened where I’d like to know about. I’d like to understand what’s going on and why.

I would like to think that honestly aside from my spiritual belief’s I’m a rational human being, I live on planet earth and I think the scientific approach of measure ability and repeat-ability should be applied to all phenomenon, yes even the really weird unexplained stuff.

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