The NHS Rocks

I posted a tweet about this a could of days ago. Anyway, my back was so sore that I finally made a decision to go to the doctor.

I’ve been given super strong anti inflammatories which now have eased pretty much all of the pain. Went to to doctor, she decided to run my bloods for some other stuff. While I was there I was offered my flu vaccine too (I got mine months ago because I’m not an idiot) and we did a bunch of other things which needed to be done as part of ongoing issues.

I got a prescription, not just for what I went in for but a bunch of other things too see above with ongoing issues.

Pop along to the chemist and get my prescription handed. Not once did I have to take out my wallet nor did I feel like the staff didn’t care.

Coming from Ireland, who based their healthcare model on the North American model, it’s freaking amazing. It was a cost to see a doctor, a cost for any drugs. If you needed anything extra you’d have to book another appointment with nurse to do bloods and anything else.

Then you have the drugs. Oh heck, depending on who your doctor and what mood they might be in , they could prescribe you a generic or a brand. Honestly being sick could easily bankrupt a person. I know that it happens. Some care is covered, like emergency services etc but it’s a joke that have a mental illness, for example, means lots of medication that means you work just to pay your medical bills.

Living and working in Scotland, I absolutely love to pay my tax towards the NHS. It’s an amazing service, people are actually healthy. People are not worried about being able to pay their bills or worry. They don’t just ignore the lumps or the weird cough or the pain. They get it checked out. They get things caught early. They get the treatment they need.

The staff and services are stretched but they deserve nothing but respect because the NHS rocks!

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