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Today I’m kicking back. I was going to write something about how middle class it is having Christmas Fizz delivered to the door. Then I sat down put on Netflix to find a nice horror film to start the day.

I should add the caveat that I’m not the bah humbug type with not wanting to watch a Christmas movie. It was more that I just happen be in the mood for a bit of a horror flick.

Personally I much rather psychological horror than anything else.

The problem is that the current trench of movies seem to be falling into a number of camps away from a good film making.

– Knockoffs of successful franchises.

– Gore/bloody/body horror

– Hand held camera

All three of these are mostly dull and cheap. Mostly they are cheap to make and dull to watch.

I appreciate that some movies are so bad they’re great. Look at the Evil Dead, that’s a classic franchise.

Maybe I’m just tired of the same tropes being trotted out all the time. The joke of a hack calling anyone else a hack is of course not lost of me.

It would be nice to see to changes, get away from hack and slash steady cam remakes of a movie from the the 70’s and lets get on to something new, different and terrifying!

So yeah

This has been something that has been working around in my mind for some time. I am a Pagan. In many ways I consider myself to be a practicing occultist. I’m not saying this to cause any intense or weird feelings from anyone.

In fairness I have so few followers that this won’t have any kind of impact.

Also I’m not looking for attention and thinking that this is cool so I’ll say that. It’s part of me and what I do.

One thing that I find interesting is because of my faith and faith practice; it seems that people assume that I’m an idiot. That for some reason i believe in every single quack and nut job that happens on the fringe.

Actually nope. I am a skeptical believer. I’ve never experienced something “weird” actually that’s a lie but still nothing too weird.

Bobby Jo getting ‘ducted by aliens or Mrs Forteskew being haunted by General Fosterkew her great great grandfather. Both are examples of things that are out there but in fairness, those people believe that something happened. Do I? I believe that they believed?

Do I think that something supernatural is going on? Actually, probably not either. In the majority of the cases there’s a natural, material reason behind almost all of these experiences.

I say experiences as it’s an experiential issue. Normally lacking in physical evidence but to the person who “know what they saw” and I bet they will believe that until the end of the days.

Honestly though there’s a sliver of weird stuff that’s happened where I’d like to know about. I’d like to understand what’s going on and why.

I would like to think that honestly aside from my spiritual belief’s I’m a rational human being, I live on planet earth and I think the scientific approach of measure ability and repeat-ability should be applied to all phenomenon, yes even the really weird unexplained stuff.


Trying to think about what to write this week. I’ve started thinking about work and how important it is to one’s persona.

Growing up anyone who worked in an office wasn’t doing ‘real work’. There was a pride in doing back breaking labour and only doing such. The older generations would say that the youth didn’t know about doing a hard day’s work.

Honestly you tell a surgeon that they’re not doing real work and they’ll laugh at you. The same goes for anyone who has worked in a call centre. The concept of emotional labour was never taken into account. At least where I was growing up. It was all about what your end result was at ten end of the day.

The thing is I have a lot of respect for people who do manual work. I detest people who think less of a person because they are only a cleaner, barman, fruit picker, builder etc.

I think people should work if they can. People need to do something with their time. Now work can be creating art, pushing papers or saving lives. We all should be doing something. Its part of the contract we have for being part of society.

People who can’t work yep no issue with that, it happens and there’s always going to be people who can’t work but if you’re fit and able maybe think about it.

Then of course we have the issue of available work. Sometimes it’s just not there. Does that mean we should rely on the government or should we look towards private companies? Really I’ve got no answer there but it’s a question.

What we do for a living has a significant impact on who we are. What we don’t do for a living also has a similar impact.

There’s no simple answer and its complex. Just like people.

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