You know what day it is

Today is new story day.

This one was not a prompt from the Jar O’ Prompts but from a dream and I just needed to get it down. The title doesn’t really match the story either, but it was the best I could do that day.

I hope that you enjoy the story Grey Soil.  

New Years Post

I’m a week late, sorry.

The last few weeks rounding out the end of the year have been physically toughter than I thought. Had a minor surgey, then a Covid booster plus Christmas left me on my ass. It happens I suppose but anyway it’s a new story day.

I’m finally out of my prewritten stories so the next year is going to see some shoddy stories, half finished thoughts and hopefully somethin you would like to read too. The new story is here. Please enjoy.

Also as a final thought, Happy New Year wherever and whatever you’re doing.

Finally a new story

Please see my newest shorty story, 21st Century Farming.

This is part of a project where I have a jar filled with writing prompts which have come from a variety of places. Some stories will be good, others not so much but it’s a challenge.

I have a couple of stories in hand so hopefully if I get stuck behind then the rhythm won’t be too disrupted.

I hope that you enjoy.

A bit of a tidy

When you don’t know what to do, comb your hair and clean your shoes.”

Making Money by Sit Terry Pratchett

I have been floundering with job and home stuff again and not being as productive creatively as I would like to be. My anxiety has ratcheted up a notch and depression is ensuring that there’s very little left to do essential stuff as well as creative stuff.

So today instead of getting creative I’ve done some tidying of the website. I needed a new logo as well so that’s done. The original logo was done by f1restart3rr before I knew what I wanted and what I wanted things to look like and while it’s not bad I think the new one encapsulates things a little better.

Anyway, please enjoy the clear out and rebrand. I’m still trying to figure out how to sort things properly with the short stories too but that is beyond me today.

Where am I now?

Well it’s been a while folks and I’m still here.

If you listen to my podcast you will know that over the new year things went south for me in a way I wasn’t expecting. This suck as I wanted to be doing more creative work but that made things even worse.

Depression is a multi-tentacled beast from beyond the darkness of space that lives in your mind and feeds on your fears and anxieties. Its also really exhausting. Pair that with so much of the ‘other’ stuff one needs to be doing to just keep on going, naturally something must give. For me it was my creativity. It’s not a happy trade-off but it’s one that I needed to do to keep sane.

I’m also thankful and know I’m lucky. I have access to medication, with thanks to the NHS, without making me bankrupt. I have support in work and a support network who help when I need it. I’ve also got access to the outside green spaces of the countryside. Lately the weather hasn’t been there for it but it’s something I can access. I have never believed the whole “if you go outside, you’ll be less depressed” that’s nonsense. It does mean however you get a bit of exercise and some fresh air. It’s not going to cure anything but it’s not going to kill you either. Well hopefully not anyway.

At the moment I’m working on a Novel. I still haven’t got a title, but the outline is done, and the first chapter is written. I’ve ‘borrowed’ my other half’s old manual typewriter. It’s frustrating as heck to use it but I’ve found it’s also a fantastic way for me to write. I need to think about every word I put down, I need to take my time in order to stop it getting all jammed up. Due to the fact it’s an old machine I also need to feel through the ribbon manually. The main reason I like it is because it takes me away from distractions.

Aside from the Novel and the Podcast, I’m also helping edit a friend’s blog called Soft Skills. Funnily enough it’s a job I enjoy. Mostly due to the fact its easier to critique something you didn’t write yourself. I’m enjoying the process as well and learning. Every day learning.

So that’s all for now. I am looking around for ideas of my next short stories. I will take anything and everything as a suggestion. Within reason!

Adieu for now my friends and I will be back. It’s a promise.


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