An update of sorts

I’ve not been writing.

Well, that’s pretty clear due to my lack of output.

Not that you really care since the only people who come to my site are spam bots, but it’s because I’ve had to reorganise things in, to me, a profound way.

I’ve been doing a university course part time to study something that I’ve always wanted to study. One of the side effects is that it’s made me rethink how I write, my style, characters etc. My characters are almost always quite two dimensional and bland. I think I’m more of a setting person than a character person and therein lies a problem.

Everything is shelved right now. I have shelved my novel Legba. I was having difficulty with that anyway. Again, characters were the problem.

I’m doing a rethink, a reorganise and working through some proper ideas. I’ve given up on keeping a schedule. Although undiagnosed ADHD explains why this has been a problem. Oh yeah, another big revelation in the last year is that I’ve probably got ADHD. I’m still waiting for an official diagnosis, but the NHS can only work so fast and I’m not high on the priority scale.

I will occasionally write stuff and throw it out into the void to see what’s there. I will also tidy up the site a bit as that’s definitely needed.

So yeah, that’s it.

Well at least the spam bots have something different to post to now.

A short…thing

I have been listening to a load of fringe and alternative stuff podcasts lately. One of the topics that comes up a lot is the Extra-terrestrial Hypothesis and the Inter-dimensional hypothesis. It’s a fascinating seam of inspiration to mine when it comes to inspiration.

Personally, I’ve not got a clue what’s happening to the point where I’m not even going to attempt to speculate.

Anyway, as a nod to the current fringe theories of whatever is going on, I present this little piece.

Some site updates

I’ve been tooling around with the website. I’ve changed the themes so that it looks a little easier on the eye. I’ve also retooled the Short Stories page, which looks far neater that I was hoping.

I’ve also updated the contact page to make it easier for you to get in touch. I promise to get back to all communication within 24 hours. I honestly just would like to know more about you folks who seem to wander by and read my stuff. What do you like, don’t like and what would you like to see more/less of on the feed.

I’ll be probably rewriting the about me page but that’s not a priority for the time being. I think more getting more stories up will be the big push this year. I have three more waiting for editing and publication.

Also I’ll be looking into probably expanding into having a subscription feed but that will probably be a wile off.

As always I love feedback so don’t be shy and don’t be a stranger. Here’s to a rather wordy 2019.


An Update

A short story, the Lighthouse, has been posted and I’m so happy to have something I wrote up and available for scrutiny.

If you have a story suggestion please feel free to contact me.

In other news, the new logo has been designed and uploaded. The design has been done by F1restar3rr who you can find at;

Also I’ve started a twitter and you can find me at @IndleySeb although I think I may be late to the game in that respect.

Well that’s it for week.

Writing is hard!

No seriously it’s hard but really it’s a joy too. The old phrase, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, was obviously never a writer. In fairness that person was most likely a person who never did a job that they disliked either.

At the moment I’m working on two novels. Both will be quite different from one another however in the meantime I’ll also be publishing some short stories here.

I’m intending to release a blog post every Sunday since I do have a full time job. Of course if you’d like to offer me a million pound book deal so I can write, well that would have to be taken under deep consideration.

So how’s all this going to go?

Blogs – at least one a week.

Short Stories – I’m aiming for one a month

Novel – Whenever it’s done and I can get a publisher interested

Commissions – get in touch and let me know what you would like and we’ll talk about the cash.

I will also do book reviews and I’ve finally got my basic schedule of fees on my lovely fees page which you should take a look at, payments will be via paypal until I can figure out how to do some other payment methods.

My first post did get a like. Thank you to that random person, although I think that person was probably a spammer. If you want to get in touch please feel free. I love talking with people and I love hearing from people about almost anything.

So that’s me for this week. If you have a suggestion for a blog or article please drop me a line at but that’s it for now.

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