Taste of Snow?

Everyone that I’ve ever talked with outside of Scotland seems to believe that we get snow for six months and rain for the other.

It couldn’t be further from the truth, particularly in the central belt. Edinburgh tends to be quite warm and avoids snow. Last year we had the “beast from the east“, and that was pretty cool. (no pun intended)

Now the temperature is dropping properly and it makes me want to stay in under a duvet with a gin and the cats. Of course I can’t but I’d like to.

Were you stranded in snow? Are your stuck in snow? Do you think it’ll snow in Edinburgh soon? The air tastes of snow so maybe.

A muse on meteorology

It’s that time of year again. We wrap up warm. Invest in the waterproof boots and enjoy the change of atmosphere. Mostly I find the change in nature the most comforting. The colours of the leaves, the weather doing its thing of being…….wait 21 degrees. 21 FUCKING DEGREES! IN OCTOBER!!!

Sorry but it has been a bit of nonsense. Got the flu jab and it feel like we should be getting our jabs for travelling instead.

A armature hobby of mine is meteorology. Don’t ask why, it’s always been something that’s been of interest. Probably since being raised in Ireland it means that weather has been an ever present issue in my life.

Watching the weather and the climate change over my own lifetime has been worrisome. Cards on the table, I think Climate Change is real and humans are having an impact on it. I also think vaccines are a good thing and the Earth is a globe.

The problem is that now as a human living on the planet we are having to adapt so much more to these changes.

At the moment we’re complaining about it being warm in October and having half a meter of snow in February. It makes me worry but it’s not enough to get us to change too much either is it?

What would make you change how you live? For me it would be lack of coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, we recycle, take the bus or walk everywhere but we still produce waste and buy things online. The thing is how much will we be willing to be flexible?

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